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Default Re: What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
actually he's acting like a browns or bunghole fan...oh wait you covered that with douchebag...
can any of you jet fans here prove you were a jets fan in 2008 ? for all we know you guys coulda been wearing brady jerseys just a few years ago...
get the point ?
oh dam...PROVE ? nah...I cant other than to say I been a JETS fan since early 70's. At the time NO ONE wanted to claim the Jets (not in my family, they were all riding big blue balls) that was not for me. I been a Jets fan when they decided Rich Cotite was a good hire (but dam I have no clue where they got THAT IDEA from) 1-15, THAT SHIT HURT!~ Been a Fan with the sack exchange & the playoff game that the fins left the field a mess after torrential rains cause it eliminated our speed (we actually had some) Or when 99 decided, hey, I think I will take a penalty to give the browns a 1st (when they should have been walkin to the side lines instead. OH YES...I AM & ALWAYS HAVE BEEN BLEEDING GREEN!

(PS, the pic below this green n white fam in the C0CKPIT (for the seat in a JET before someone thinks something gay =P)
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