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Default Re: Troy Polamalu - Headhunter

I hope he is key to our victory! Like I said in another thread, when this man is on he's Superman. No doubt about it. Leaps Olinemen in a single bound. Gets to the QB the same time the ball does. Simply amazing.

He has his games where he is in the shadows, but still doing his job (playoff game against Ratbirds). Then he has his games where his instincts are almost unbelievable! He has awesome game speed and can close in on a player faster than anyone I've ever seen. It's so cool to watch the game on TV, see a play start to unfold and then from out of no where #43 suddenly makes the tackle or interception. Completely amazing.

We are watching history in the making. They will be talking about Troy when our kids are grandparents! The highlight film on him is phenomenal!
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