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Default Re: What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by UF-Steeler View Post
Haha, that Oakland quote was from the first Jets game this season.

I went to UF during the Tebow years, but I'm not really passionate about UF football or college football in general. I pretty much stuck UF in my name because I went to undergrad there.

I've been a Steelers fan since I was 7 because my brother was a die hard fan and he and I used to watch games together (he's 14 years older than me). I'm a pretty insane Steelers fan. I've dedicated a Steelers room in my apartment and I don't miss a game. Sadly, I missed going to the superbowl in Tampa eventhough I am from Tampa.

Anyway, I'm going to UF law next year, fun stuff. I'm not just some fairweather fan of juggernaut teams.
I graduated right before our run of National Championships in BBall and Football. I used to bartend up at the Gators Dockside for years.

I'm in Jacksonville now...grew up in Orlando. Originally from New York. My name, short for Jets in Florida...when I too was an undergrad at UF and started posting on message boards.

Good luck Sunday. Game should be epic...but I'd really like if you'd let one of the little deprived teams get a crack at the guys have enough.
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