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Default Re: Sometimes I dont understand Steelers fans!!!!!!!!!


Do I always agree with decisions? Not at all. But I still support them. I do not look to Bill Cowher to give me advice on my performance or decision-making in the military (my occupation), nor do I offer him advice on coaching (except when I yell at the television for playing the "soft defense"....I do despise that). He is a HIGHLY paid, and successful professional. That is his job. I do not know enough to coach a professional football team. Nor, for example, do Bill's skill sets encompass the operation and instruction of a MK-44 weapons system (7.62mm, tripod mounted, 6-barrel gatling gun with a firing rate of 3,000 rounds per minute............a devastating toy of mine ).

I did enjoy your post though. It caused me to think, and it offered options to consider. But....I'm gonna leave that particular part of the business to the staff.

Once again, thank you for the intriguing article.[/QUOTE]
Well said, and it is always easy as a fan to disagree with a bad descision. After the play.
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