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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by mcg24 View Post
And I appreciate that you are trying to convince yourself you have a chance, but there is a reason why Rex Ryan isn't talking shit to the Steelers this week. He knows it would all be shoved right back into his fat face after.
actually no...that's not why...he's not talking shit because there's no reason to talk shit...against Indy he needed to defer attention away from the outcome of last years AFCCG...against the Pats he needed to defer attention away from 45 - 3.

Pitt? We already beat you in the regular season...there's nothing to defer attention away's a let's line up and play situation..

And I see no reason to try and convince myself we have a chance...If you think this game is going to be a blowout on your part you are just a homer and a fool...

These teams match up very well and the game will be played on Sunday....and the better team will win.
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