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Default Re: Santonio Holmes says He don't care about the Steelers.

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
By the way....I would never even bring up "Rapechez" or his accusation if little retards like you didn't feel the need to act like Ben was convicted of anything. I must admit though, I do find a bit of pleasure throwing it back in your faces and watching you desperately try to wiggle around it like little worthless worms. We've taken enough shit about it...have some back.

To be honest, neither were formally charged (and Ben was never even arrested, spent an evening in jail or paid a couple hundred thou to get out), so their both innocent until proven guilty IMO.
Honestly I was just messing around. I know he wasn't proven. I think it's just fun to go back and forth sometimes. I can't wait for Sunday, so messing around helps pass time. ;P
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