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Default Re: No way Sanchez comes in Pittsburgh and wins

Originally Posted by Third Rail View Post
Ben did more than manage games as a rook and in his second year. He had 17 TDs an 11 INTs in his first year, followed by 17 & 9 in his second. Also, I don't care how good your running game or your defense is... you don't win 15 games straight unless you have a solid quarterback. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't happen.

Sanchez, in contrast, threw 12 TDs and 20 INTs in his rookie year. His sophomore year has been much better (17 &13) but there's still room for improvement. However, he does deserve some credit for being able to beat Brady and Manning in the playoffs, there's no doubt. He has made major steps since his rookie year... I would say he's more than just a game manager at this point, but I would hesitate to call him a great QB... yet. He's on his way to getting there though. But on a lesser team, he would most likely not be in the playoffs yet.
This is actually very interesting. I actually dont think Sanchez is very good. He's got an uncanny ability to show up in the biggest moments, but overall not very good.

But to say Big Ben was more than a game manager the first 2 years is very homerific. Ben didnt even attempt 300 passes in his first 2 season. Thats incredibly, incredibly low for this day in age.

Sanchez in his first year, threw 360 and this season, has 507 attempts.

Sanchez is being asked to do a significant amount more than Big Ben was asked to in his first 2 years. In fact, Big Ben has only attempt 500 passes once in his career.

Very interesting to think about for someone like me who is a harsh critic of Sanchez.
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