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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by GreeneMachine View Post
Who would give you the most wins is how I would measure it. The most interchangable. The guy that no matter what situation would give you the best chance to win.
That would be Brady. But your also forgetting NE, in its hay day was in a division with crappy teams. When were the Jets,dolphins or bills any good from 1995-2007?
or colts , when were the jaguars, texans, or titans any good in that period. The titans once I think.

They were both almost guarantied a division title, if they had a decent team.

Chargers win division almost every year, um against the raiders,broncos, and chiefs. Of course they do, then they enter the playoffs and get beat.

weak divisions. Its subjective. NE has never had a serious threat to the AFCE until Rex showed up. So , do you want to redefine your wins category?

We were in the 49ers and Montana's division, that guaranteed 2 wins:)
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