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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by pherein View Post
How do you define the" best guy" without stats, please, refine. Is there a "best guy" feeling? a "best guy"color? a "best guy" walk?

Best arm = stats, best in pocket = stats, best comp % = stats. Your not making sense.

Is this a "best guy" because hes good a PS3? what defines "best guy" is ability and performance, um stats. Not talk , or hey I like you.

If I had to choose from only those 3, Id have to take Manning, check the leader boards.
If you would add Brees to that ID take him, hes beating most of their stats. That might seem like bias but its not Ill take a 69% accurate passer over a 54 % passer any day. Higher comp % means a QB is reading defenses better, goes threw his reads faster, and makes the right call more than not.
so by your logic , you'd prefer to have chad pennington over any other qb in history because he has the all time career highest completion percentage ?

1 pennington - 66 %
42 marino - 59.4 %
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