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Default Re: Becoming a Steelers fan.

Originally Posted by MikeHaullace View Post
If you're not willing to buy and wear multiple jerseys at any time of the year... (see: China. ~$20 shipped)

If you're not willing to wave a grungy (eventually) yellowish/orange-ish/brownish towel (tears 'n beers) with reckless abandon over your head while screaming like a banshee hopped up on PCP...

If you're not ready to lose rediculous bets that involve wearing dresses in public places or other such shenanigans, solely to defend the honor of your black-and-gold...

If you're not strong enough to lift up to 75 lbs. 25% of the time...

If you're not prepared to devote your life to the team and live vicariously through them for years to come...

This team might not be right for you.

Otherwise... Welcome, brother in SN.

Well I am ready to do all those things for the rest of my life and thank you for the welcome Steelers Nation!

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