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Default Re: Ticket Price Question

Originally Posted by TailgateMel View Post
Lowest face i think was like $120-$140. Best bet is last minute, if it is gonna be crazy cold you might be able to find some wafflers and get something closer to $200.
I think upper endzone bleachers are $115 face. Mine are $160 face.
If you find anything under $200 I would jump on it.

Prices could come down or it could get really ugly. I came up in 2001 vs. the Patriots looking to scalp. I had $500 bucks in my pocket and was willing to spend $400. 4 hours before the game we found some for $350 and the people I was with wanted to wait till closer to kickoff to see if prices would dip. They went the other way and by kickoff there wasn't any tickets. The game had already kicked off and there was a mob of about 50 people trying to cut a deal with some guy on the street who wanted $650/ ticket for single tickets not together.
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