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This guy's a tool!

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blitz and cleve sound just sound like a bunch of retards. I would honestly expect you BB2W to associate with steeler fans who have have one, why don't your buddies?

Have they said anything constructive? No...just more inane childish behavior from steeler fans. Not once have they actually made a point about anything, just pointless name calling.

This has gone past the point of a "good ribbing." It's just stupid. You squeeler fans are starting to ruin this site with your ranting...I don't think we've had an acutal bengal fan sign up since memeber #660 or so...this place is going in the dump because of people like cleve and blitz and figg and whoever else makes ignorant, useless posts

There are no good pro sports teams are in ohio....hey...guess what...WE ALREADY FRIGGIN' KNOW! we live in the state....The reds suck, the indians suck, the bluejackets suck, the crew sucks, the destroyers suck, the browns suck, god, what the hell is the point?? "My state is cooler than yours..." You guys need to GET A LIFE, quit sitting in front of your computer jacking off to pictures of bill cower and i dunno...go to the library and read a book and expand your brain a little bit...since none of you seem to have one by the context of all these stupid threads and posts.

God vomited....and then there were steeler fans a plenty. God must have been really sick that day.

I was also watching on espn the top ten list of "dumbest moments" and first of all...the bengals have nothing quite so bad as to make it onto that list, not a single bengals screw up was shown (and i'm sure they looked at us...there quite a few funny moments) but...who did I see at #2 or 3...thats right....THE PITTSHBUGH SQUEELERS. What for you ask?...well it involves Plexico Buress in his rookie season. He made a catch and apparently didn't know what "down" ment in pro football because he caught the ball, someone touched him and he thought, "oh, i'm down" and then proceded spike a live ball which was then recovered by the other team.

And squeeler fans...I'll save you the time. Yes, carson got himself a saftey, yes our punter kicked the ball backwards over his head 5-6 years ago. yes, yes, yes to whatever your next idiotic comment will be...but we've never done anything quite as stupid as spiking a live ball.

All you squeeler fans need to crawl up from your mommys basement, take a shower because people don't wanna smell men who reek of saltwater and actually go ouside, possibly find yourself a job...or is the local McD's already filled to max with you idiots? if it is...I'm sure the wal-mart supercenter will give you a job.

BB2W - i'm so dissappointed you would call these people your "friends" acutally associate with these idiots? Why do you and your "friends" need to constantly just talk gets old after about 5's pointless and it's stupid. There are a few raiders fans here...they ARE respectable...they come here, they chat, they DON'T sound off about great the raiders are and how bad the bengals suck...Patroit Ron doesen't do that crap, the browns fans here don't do that crap. So what in the hell is the problem?

I really don't know how you mods tolerate this...i would honestly feel more like a ref. at a soroitity sisters cat fight than a moderater on a bengals message board.
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