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Default Re: What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by UF-Steeler View Post
Orlando, that must've been interesting being so close to all the amusement parks.

Growing up in Tampa, I usually went to Busch Gardens when I had the time. It seems I lucked out the years I went to University of Florida. 4 Championships in my time and those championships led to some pretty fun parties.

In regards to the game, I think it should be a pretty awesome game. I think the Jets will play well, I just have a hard time believing that Sanchez can out do Roethlisberger just on pure experience alone. Eventhough it is a team sport, having a franchise quarterback makes a big difference. Especially a quarterback that has been there before and won.

If the Jets don't get one this year, at least they have a bright future in the NFL.

As a fan, I wish you luck and hope it's an enjoyable game. However, I'm sure we both are hopeful for different outcomes. GO STEELERS!
Hey, I'm with ya. I'm a very tough Sanchez critic. But the dude just took down, Manning and Brady...not offense, I think he can handle Ben if handle them.

Dude, I dont think we stand a chance. I cant even fathom the Jets playing in a SB. The whole thing is surreal.

Last year, when we made it, I was like...this is cool. We dont stand a chance. This year, I'm like...this is cool. Maybe we can actually win. So I guess that does mean we finally do have a bright future. I love Rex Ryan. I trust this guy. He's changing a culture. I'm just hoping he gets it done. Its bound to happen if we keep putting ourselves in this position, right?

Oh, the theme parks get old real quick. We used to go to Tamp to ride real rides.

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
According to Omar you are front runner. Not allowed to like the Jets living if FL, sorry.
Ha! Well, considering half a FL is NY The Jets are my blood. Grew on Long Island and used to have season tix when they played in Shea. Used to go to the practices at Hofstra as a kid. My father's best friend was director of player personnel. We used to get on the practice field all the time. We used to eat lunch with them in their cafeteria. Joe Klecko stole an ice cream cone from my brother and made him arm wrestle him to get it back.

This is my blood. Unfortunately. Pops had to chose the Jets and the Mets.
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