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Default Re: Steelers 4 Round Mock

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
i'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that your a penn state fan ?

every scouting report i've seen has a common opinion of Wisniewski
1. best suited for a zone blocking scheme
2 doesn't have the size or strength to play guard in the NFL.
Not exactly a "fan" but I watch all their games (my dad is a fan) and Wisniewski is tremendous at Guard, I don't get the size/strength argument because he seems perfectly fine as far as physical build goes, and just watching him play he rarely makes a mistake, drives whoever he's blocking back with tremendous force, and always finishes his blocks and goes out of his way to block downfield as well...reminds me of Maurkice a bit actually as far as his playing style goes

Just from what I've seen from (Mike) Pouncey, he just doesn't always seem as "aware" as Wisniewski or his older brother and just doesn't seem as good as his reputation. Maybe he just sucks at center as I never actually watched him play guard alongside his brother but as it stands right now if we're taking an interior lineman I just see Wisniewski as the better pick
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