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Default Re: cincybengals comments made it to a "worthy" NFL fan message board...i'm so flattered. What the fuck..."what gives your team the right to have a site like this....." WOW...all you steeler fans truly are morons to the highest degree.

None of you will admit Big Ben know he does. JEROME BETTIS MADE WORTHLESSBURGER LOOK MAGNIFICANT....but none of you will admit it. Just the "Ben is god" routine from all of stupid. So old already. Your Big Bust will hit the dust and be gone in two years anyway while carson is sitting back having his new accountant ben worthlessburger count his millions...

OMG...i just put 2 and 2 together...your friend cleve says nothing good is in ohio...nothing at all..well then...your saying your big ben sucks as well there my friends.....BIG BEN CAME FROM....GUESS WHERE....NONE OTHER THAN OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dumb stupid cleve. ben went to the crappy OSU reject of ohio. boomer not allowed to root for the team he played for?, i'm sure terry bradshaw is a stupid squeeler homer...god...make some sence. all remember when plexico buress spiked a live ball his rookie year? Do Ya'...well :::points and laughs::: hahahahahahaha
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