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Default Re: Pittsburgh Steelers Official 2010 Song

Honestly, I can't stand the song (love the beat) but the song comes with lyrics! I've been following Wiz (thru reading his interviews, blogs, song lyrics,etc) and I really don't think he is someone Steeler fans should stand behind by making "Black & Yellow" the Pittsburgh Steelers Official 2010 song. I have several reasons. 1. He is not a Pittsburgh native - he barely was here long enough to attend high school, so in his short time he is only getting a glimpse of our Pittsburgh pride. However, I do respect that fact that his fmaily had to move a lot (so really where are you native to) and that he is choosing to call our city his home. At the same time, I'm so frustrated hearing all this Wiz & Pittsburgh stuff - (I'm happy his is doing it big which seems to be what he wants) - but there is plenty of talent here in Pittsburgh. We don't need a #1 hit to show are talent - from musicians to artists, to sports to our hosiptals, to our schools and out history... we have accomplished #1's 1000's of times - just in a variety of ways! 2. Are colors are Black & Gold! Yes, you can say it doesn't go with the beat... well there are millions of other words that don't either! If he wants it to be our anthem (which he quoted "It's gonna be the Steelers anthem" in an MTV interview in Oct. 2010) then do it right: Black & Gold. 3. There is not a single word, let alone and short sequence of words, that even so much comes close to talking about football! Nothing even alludes to football let alone the Pittsburgh Steelers! How can we honestly support an anthem that have nothing to do with football or us... it doesn't even have the team colors right! 4. You can't even try to derive an argument that says Black & Yellow might be for the Steelers when a. the song has nothing to do with football/sports/pride/success period and b. the black & yellow lyrics refer to his car! (And please don't be pathetic enough to phathom up in your mind he has a Black & Yellow car because his is a Steelers fan... cuz that woulld be idiocracy)! 5. Luckily for Wiz the entire song can't be blamed on him for it's 'Steeler short-comings. Keep in mind the lyrics aren't 100% his. He worked jointly with Stargate (a Norwegian record producing/songwriting team - now out of NYC) to create this song/lyrics/etc. However, I do reember reading he chose to name it - but keep in mind lyrics = the car. Thank god he didn't write the whole thing. Honestly reading the lyrics online felt like I was reading Shakespeare all over again minus the elegance. There is barely a single full word in the song (yes, even a lot of rappers will pronunce a few words without ending them in 'in -- talent!) I read from N**** this and ho' that to diamonds and drivin fast... and don't forget all the $$$ and smoking weed references!. Not all of us are priviledged to smoke weed 24/7 when and where we want while still putting food on the table for our families... and if I could, I still woulldn't go extreme overload. I really don't want my city chanting on our Steelers, singing Black & Yellow, while he is rapping the lyrics and chanting: 'Bitches love me 'cause I'm f***'n with their best friends'! I really just don't see how many people can be so supportive of the song in the sense of the Steelers and our city..... support it because it has a catchy tune and it's topping charts, support it for the right reasons that song should be - as a Hollywood hit!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a true 2010 Steeler Song... turn to your fellow Pittsburgher's, co-workers, friends, neighbors and family. You'd be surprised but we've been handing the "anthems and yearly theme songs" just by using are own local talent - and year after year they never cease to amaze us... haven't heard anyone complain about the local talent yet, at least. Geez, you have the famous Pittsburgh Polka - that's a history marker...and every year we are close, a unique Super Bowl song where the local talent incorporates the names of our Steeler players to work with a beat! That's right, the right names (trying making a song yourself after reading down the roster) all in beat all placed in the same song - that actually makes sense and flows, serves a purpose, and not only is all about football - but all out the Steelers! ('Gold' not being on beat is not an excuse to use Yellow if your were truly trying to create an anthem - if you were adjustments would have been made across the board to either get 'gold' to work or something remotely Steeler related!

To Wiz Khalifa, I'm not knocking any of your work, I know I couldn't do it - but please, stick to what your are good at... hip hop, R&B, a mix of all that, etc. You don't have to write/produce our Steeler anthem to be successful. With that being said, I wish you the best...

As for me, I'll be tuning in to the local news channel websites to download to the latest and greatest Steeler songs from our own hometown rock stars!

PS: Anyone remeber "Steeler Stomp" - a superbowl song written sometime in 2004? If you haven't, try to download it "Steeler Stomp (Pittsburgh Steelers)." I know the players and stuff has since changed, but take time to appreciate all the different aspects of the song: it's hip hop/DJ/song, it flows like a conversation would, the lyrics are outstanding as is the beat, and it incorporates radio broadcast segments of Steeler history, including past Steeler songs, game highlights and Myron Cope! How original!!

Maybe I'm biased because I know the man that wrote it and his roommate that helped with the record spinning (and all that fun stuff)... or maybe because I saw just a glimpse of the hard work and dedication that went into that song (with no outside help or famous songwriter). All I know is I wish I was still in touch with him today because I'd be screaming at him to take his talent and share it with the world because he is truly diverse in so many ways and I can imagaine he would be a great impact on music/lyrics and a huge success... to Imante - love ya buddy!
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