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Default Stupid squeeler fans...

Hmmm...what to blab about 1st....

Our players is a good place to start. I've read on here the cinci orginization has not changed, we have crappy players who only think about themselves, we're all a bunch of ego-driven money mongers...right?...WRONG!

If any of you acutally paid any attention to bengals football you would read about the current C. Johnson situation. He's one of the best recievers in the leauge, flat out but you don't see him holding out for more money even with Drew R. Go read the articles about it, see what chad says...and come back and tell me he's a driven by the almighty dollar. He loves where he's at, he loves his team, his teammates and the city itself and has on many occassions procalimed the destiny of the bengals. He is staying put cause he knows where his team is the playoffs

Rudi johnson also is another money-hungry player on a ego-trip right? No...He signed a 5 year deal this offseason. T.J. with his 2004 season could have passed on his 4 year deal to go to another team and make more money...did he? No, he stayed as well.

You know...After looking at that I would honestly rather have Jamal lewis, Kellen winslow II, Onterio smith, antajj hawthorne, ricky williams, terrel owens, plexico buress all on my team rather than the bengals casue all those guys are SO not money hungury, ego-tripping, coke dealing players who love the marijuana. You all need to actaully use your brain before you open you stupid fucking mouths.

With this new orginization, we get rid of players with attitude problems...hence corey dillion (who should suck the dick of every patriot player thanking him for GIVING him a SB's not like he deserved one) Takeo Spikes is another example

How come the steelers almost lost 5 close game to relatively shitty teams?...oh i know who ya' beat...but when you struggle against the bengals and can beat Pats....where is the logic in that...and none of this "it was a conference game..there tougher games" cause it's bullshit...just a shitty excuse to cover the fact that your 15-1 record was more fluke than acutal talent. Take the bus lose those five thats 10-6....ben could not have won them on his own.

Will any of you stupid steeler fans even admit that bens grandstand was built on the back of jerome bettis..cause it was...bettis wins your games for you and that chode ben gets all the credit...i'd haul off and whack big ben a big sucker punch if i were the bus.

thats enough for now..i'll be back
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