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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

Bengals win the division...beat pitt to win too!


Pitt - Ben finds out the NFL will not be a cake walk this year behind the bus. Teams are gunning for him this year. Staley is back to starter and Jerome is once again the "go score for us" guy. Ben actually throws less this year cause cower knows he's shaky throwing the ball...won't risk it. Your defense keeps you in the hunt only to be picked apart by Cincy.

Balt - Their getting old and losing steps. They desperately need to add speed and youth to their D. Old vets = Slow vets. When balt. gets burned, they'll really get burned. Nobody knows what boller is going to wishywashy.

Cleveland - 1st year of the 3 year re-building program starts all over again...better than last year...5 wins...thats it....

Cinci - It's the bengals time. All 11 offensive starters coming back and anyone who is not an O-lineman is a weapon that can be used at anytime. Carson, CJ, TJ, RJ, P-Dub, hell even matt schobel is useful. Look for cincy to slighlty mirror the colts of last season, a scoring machine. The defense HAS improved. The addition of Chucky B, the new starting LB's pollack and thurman. Great mix of vets (simmons, herring, james, o'neil, smith) with last years rooks (williams, gaethers ratliff) It all finally comes together and cincy goes 11-5, wins the division, makes it to the second round of the playoffs and is in a war with indy. Indy wins though...
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