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Default Hi Everyone!

I just got through with the registration process, so I suppose I should tell you guys a little bit about me. I've been a die-hard Steelers fan for 38 years now. Whether they are doing well, or are struggling to win games, I proudly wear my Black & Gold on Sunday's. I'm a Steelers fan for matter what!!!

I suppose I'm a bit of an old school fan, because I favor the running game over an arial attack, and like watching our defense MUCH more than the offense. Apparently this is the exact opposite of newer fans of the NFL.

My favorite Steeler right now is Hines Ward, for a plethora of reasons. But mainly because I believe his toughness, both physically & mentally, epitomize what a Steeler should be like. He has played his whole career for the Steelers [which I LOVE!] isn't afraid to criticize Ben right to his face, and doesn't complain when he's not getting the ball that much. He's a team player FIRST. I could go on & on listing the desireable virtues of Hines, but I'm sure you guys already know all of thet. I believe he is the most under-rated WR in NFL history. Even today, at the end of his career, if I was charged with the task of assembling a team with anyone of my own choosing, I would begin with Hines Ward at WR. He's everything an NFL player, and a Steeler should be, and more.
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