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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

Now, there's an actual post with alittle substance to it...

Most of us will agree w/ you on ur clown and ratbird comments... However... You're Steeler comments are pretty interesting.. Ben already knows the NFL is not a cake walk, as evidence by his struggles in the playoffs, but for a rookie, anybody will admit he had a pretty damn good season and valuable experience in big games. Yes we need Duce to stay Healthy, we need him and Jerome to be there late in the season to help us out, thats a given, any team needs their star players healthy in crunch time, but our reserves are damn impressive too, and we needed them, they responded week in and week out last year. Picked apart by cincy??? that's about as likely as Chad Johnson actually standing by his comments he's made this week.

And this post..
Cinci - It's the bengals time. All 11 offensive starters coming back and anyone who is not an O-lineman is a weapon that can be used at anytime. Carson, CJ, TJ, RJ, P-Dub, hell even matt schobel is useful. Look for cincy to slighlty mirror the colts of last season, a scoring machine. The defense HAS improved. The addition of Chucky B, the new starting LB's pollack and thurman. Great mix of vets (simmons, herring, james, o'neil, smith) with last years rooks (williams, gaethers ratliff) It all finally comes together and cincy goes 11-5, wins the division, makes it to the second round of the playoffs and is in a war with indy. Indy wins though...
You make very valid points, however, you're team doesnt have the experience, talent at every position, or the leadership to go 11-5 yet. You may be on an upward track, but it's a long road ahead fill w/ alot of heartache before you can consider being a team with will annually be competitive week in and week out, and not win some fluke games and then all of the sudden start crying the blues when nobody gives u any respect. Respect is earned, and the bungals havent earned jack yet.

Interesting post
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