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Default Re: Obama: Go, Jets!

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Like a bunch of nazis patrolling, lol

Mods thought on moving this to the locker room, LOL

We have a president who many others voted for, picking the jets over the steelers. Why in the world would this be classified as locker room talk? Brother O is not going into the Steeler locker room, lol. this is steeler talk, not locker room(wahetev classifies something as locker room mumbo jumobo is beyond me, lol There must be a book on someplace on this.

I would prefer he stays a Bears fan than we can beat their ass'es in 2 weeks. Perhaps a bet with Boehner and Bro O?

You step down if the Steelers win? I'll step down if the Bears win!
First of all, shame on you for even considering comparing the Mods to Nazi's. The things those people did were atrocious and their acts should NEVER be minimized. Secondly, all you have to do is read post 13 of this thread to see where its headed.

"Football is a physical game, or at least it used to be" -Mel Blount
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