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Default Re: Obama: Go, Jets!

Originally Posted by Steelerfan58 View Post
Wow I did not think this site had heavy handed mods very disappointing. The President of the United States that claimed to be a Lifelong Steeler fan now says he is not, and this is not Steelers talk? If this is offending some individuals then In all fairness I would like to respectfully request that the mods remove all political oriented avatars and names that we see throughout the forum.
Heavy handed mods? Are you kidding? You've been here since '07...I'm assuming you know who the old mods were. They would have banned you for questioning them like this...after moving your thread here, where I feel it belongs for reasons already mentioned.

We've been letting people get away with murder this week.

I'll explain it to you again, then go back and read some of the posts so you get the picture a little bit more. This thread will turn into an Obama flame fest and has little to nothing to do with the Steelers. The main Steelers discussion forum is already cluttered enough, it doesn't need political flame-festing mixed in there.

And nobody is going to remove any avatars, names sigs whatever. You're taking this way too far and way too personally. If you don't like it, sorry...get over it.
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