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Default Re: Deadspin - Why No One Remembers The Mark Sanchez Rape Case.

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
I sick and tired of these (bleepin) rape cases with no proof of anything. If someone is raped, hospitals have a very thorough rape kit system that can determine rape from normal sex. They can get DNA, blood, sperm, etc to prove who it was. I never see any of this when some chick accuses someone of rape with these athletes and I am sick of it.

If you get raped, GO TO THE HOSPITAL, call the cops THAT DAY, get your Rape kit and if you were raped, you will win. and where are these girls father's? because if my kid was raped, Big Ben, Mark Sanchez, whoever, wouldn't have to worry about public ridicule and losing endorsements because their lives would end.
The average american doesn't look into anything, they see "so and so accused of rape" and believe its true.
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