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Default Re: Getting The Feeling -Unstoppable

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post

And it wasn't moved just because it includes a was moved because the thread is about the video and nothing else. No news stories, nothing...just the video.
OK SC. That is a decent point. Really I wanted to see if one of the 122 fans at the time could make a video with current Steelers of that quality. Since I'm honest, I'll admit I can't do much complaining with 22 posters that were visiting. I think it is just due to the traffic being up in general for the playoffs. Often there are 0-3 people in "media". I never visit media myself.

Maybe I still have memories of things being moved for ridiculous reasons that were related to something else. For example, one time Madden came out with his QB ratings and I wanted to discuss whether people agreed on who was the best, who has more power, accuracy etc. and it got moved to some video game section. I didn't even know there was a video game section and there were no visitors. Killed the thread. You could clearly see that it was about QB rankings and the source was just a launching point.

I guess I'm glad you are being more relaxed about the "draft board" until the football season ends. Imagine someone mentioning wanting Mike Pouncey and having it getting moved to the draft board with no posters. Anyway. You are smart so you get my point (whether you agree or not).
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