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Default Re: Deadspin - Why No One Remembers The Mark Sanchez Rape Case.

Originally Posted by fer522 View Post
really foo? if you have nothing relevant to say than shut the f**k up
i guess you must be a Native American
i know steelers fan are not racist towards any race
and no i dont like Sanchez, even though i am Mexican i've
been a steelers fan since i was 7or 8 years old
your comment or joke was just not funny to me
im proud to be Mexican and im definitely proud to be a STEELER
Please......Lighten up........And I'm not racist. Far from it. My comment was meant to be a slight on illegal immigration, not nationality. I don't give damn where you come from, as long as you're in this country legally. I do, however, have problem with illegal immigration. So don't direct your anger at me, I'm a citizen of the USA and the Steeler nation.

So tell me, are you a Mexican living in Mexico? Or a Mexican living legally in the US? Or an American of Mexican heritage? If you are an American of Mexican heritage, THEN YOU'RE AN AMERICAN, NOT A MEXICAN.
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