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Default Re: Obama: Go, Jets!

Originally Posted by chacha View Post
holy crap why are some getting their pantes in a bunch over this being moved? And who cares really, he always said he was a Bears fan first. He doesnt want his team to meet the better team, makes sense!! And to say the mods are heavy handed is nuts, they are a breath of fresh air over what used to be here. This is a good thread for the locker toom
It took me a while to think of this...duh...I think you are right.

It would be like the Seahawks facing the Saints in the NFC Championship game and you ask me who I want to win and I say ...It would be nice to see the underdog Why would I want my Steelers to face the Saints.

What he should have said that would have given it away is "If my Bears win, I'll root for the Jets because it would be nice to have both underdogs face each other (lol), but if the Bears lose, I'll root for the Steelers."
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