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Default Re: Obama: Go, Jets!

Originally Posted by Steelerfan58 View Post
Cloud you explian to the rest of us why you fill this post needs to be moved ? and on what grounds?
It was turning into a discussion about the President on matters unrelated to football rather than his prediction on the game - although you apparently have been a member since 2007 you were not an active poster when this board blew up over discussions about Obama under the previous regime - I was and have the scars to show for those firefights - I have made a point to stay away from the politics discussions since my return from 2 years in exile ( I was banned Election Night 2008 by a mod who backed the losing team that night) and that is what this thread in the Steelers section devolved into

More power to anyone who wants to discuss the pros and cons of Obama but IMO there is a section here for folks who want to do that

I guess the mods agreed with me - all I did was raise the question

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