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Wretched Mass I didn`t say that nothing good ever came from Ohio. And I don`t have a problem with Boomer sticking up for his old team, that is expected. But to say Palmer is the best qb in the division? Come on , on what grounds? He has shown nothing yet. In all honesty I like Boomer, not as a football player, but what I`ve seen and heard as a person, everything he has gone through with his son and all. As a father I wouldn`t wish that on anyone. Also until yesterday I didn`t even mind the bungles, other than being a AFCC foe. I hate the Brownies I hate the ratbirds, but never really considered the bengals a threat, or a rival. As far as Ben being protected by a running game, do you give him any credit at all? Ben was just a kid last year, he is the real deal. It is way to early for you to say that he is overrated. And if you knew what you were talking about. Ben would have went to Michigan not OSU anyway. He was recruited after he verbally commited to Miami, and wanted to stay loyal.
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