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Default Re: Crosby's Push for 100 Points

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
i must admit if it werent for crosby with the pens i would have no interrest in hockey whatsoever. especially after the suspended season. following the 2 cup seasons and jagr, and marios return was fun but after the goalie pick with #2 IT ALL WENT DOOWNHILL. i have a built in excuse though, as a southwestern desert rat we barely see ice, let alone people playing hockey on it.

i missed d. kasparitus once he left.
If anything, I started losing faith and love for hockey before the lock out. The best thing that ever happened to the game was that lock out. Something had to be done and I personally did not care how long it took them to make the league better. Watching teams such as the New York Rangers (AKA Yankees) and the Colorado Avalanche (AKA Boston Red Sox) blow mass quantities of money while teams such as the Penguins, Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres and Nashville Predators (who have both clinched a playoff birth) were selling off players for nothing and were not able to compete in the old league, simply was not going to cut it and started to turn off many fans. Sound familiar? With the combination of the salary cap and the new rules, it's a great game.

Our problem this year once again.....Craig Patrick. His contract is up after this season and if he is resigned I will start to question purchasing season tickets for next season. In my opinion, the new owners will not keep Patrick around nor should they after this past season. The guy dropped the ball big time. The only reason why he has been here this long is because he's buddy/buddy with Lemieux. That's where a little of the blame (God forbid Lemieux takes heat in this city) could and should be placed for our current situation.

As for Darius Kasparaitis, he was a character. Played with high emotion, layed down some massive hits (Eric Lindros concussion still sticks out) but the guy had a very bad tendancy of taking horrible penalties and also taking himself out of play in order to make the big hit. Once he got to NYC that all changed. They basically stated that he either changes his game or he will be benched and on a few occasions they benched him until he got his act together.

And yes SteelerDan43, it will be the first time two rookies get 100 points or more in the same year. Speaks volumes about the amount of young talent in this league. Crosby, Ovechkin, Staal, Spezza, Malkin (soon enough), Lundquist...etc.

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