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Default Re: Stupid squeeler fans...

Wretched, Seriuosly now. You claim you know football, so I`ll give you the benefit. You love your bengals, hey I respect that. That means you know your team better than we do. With all that said, you have to know that your team sucks. i`m not joking. If I`m wrong tell me why. The record you guys have year after year is proof, isn`t it? Come on, for years now you and cleve have been two of the worst teams in the entire league. This isn`t a bunch of crap from a Steelers fan. This is just facts. Please help explain to us outsiders, why you say your team is so good. We all would like to know, heck the entire NFL fan base would like to know. I have a bar we go to for Steelers games. This is a Steelers bar, owners and all. There head cook is a die hard Bengals fan , wears his jersey every week, he is probably about 45 years old. And we all like him alot. he takes a little razzing, but nothing terrible, he will be the first one to tell you that his team sucks. There is nothing wrong with making claims about your team that have merit, and you can back up. I would love to talk to you anytime on here, as long as you don`t get all stupid and you make sense. But I can`t take you serious what you make statements like you do. Hey Chad and Rudi maybe great guys, and not worried about money. Thats great especially in this day and age. But if there not helping your team, then does it matter. 8-8 you claim that are running back The Bus made Ben. Never have I ever really heard Bettis complain about money, how come Rudi couldn`t make Palmer. I mean its not about the money. You say you get rid of problems like Dillion, Pats claim he was the ultimate pro, he is happy. I`m just asking, I`m not being a smart ass. I just want to know what your answer are. Am I missing something, your the Bengals fan you tell me. You tell us all!

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