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Default Re: packers fan in peace

Even though a case can be made that the Eagles outplayed the Packers. And certainly would have won if Ackers makes those two easy FG attempts. I still am not taking anything away from what your team accomplished. And even though I LOVE IT when the national media disregards us. Like they are right now. I still say I to woulkd make you guys the 3 to 4 point favorites over us. The key to beating the Packers will be keeping your teams offense to a one demensional offense. Eliminate the running threat, and that will make things tough for Aaron. For us, the Packers MUST and I think WILL stack the LOS, and take away any early chance for the steelers running game to get going. I even think they will risk single coverage with Wallace and Sanders or anyone else to take away that running game early on. But I suspect a good game. And I do wish you guess well :-)
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