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Default Re: Duquesne

I've never gone to Duquesne, but have heard nothing but good things about the academics if nothing else, that's a definite plus.

Now on to what I do know lol. The location is great with it being right next to Oakland and the Southside (for when you want to go out at nights). They're both within walking/short bus ride distance. The students are your typical college students...mostly friendly and fun, but of course not w/o it's dickheads lol. I've partied with people from Duquesne, always a good time. And you'll mingle a lot with Pitt, Carnegie, Robert Morris and AIP students as well. The area is a hot bed for college kids.

I know they have expanded to the downtown area as well (near the Consol Energy Center on Fifth and Forbes), which is much more business-y, but is still close to just about everything (especially the Strip District, which is a fun area as well). Everything in Pittsburgh is pretty close though, the city really isn't that big. No matter where you are, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting to where you want to go in a decent amount of time (unless it's rush hour).

The only real downside is East Oakland and Hill district. They are not the best neighborhoods by any means. And while Pittsburgh is a relatively safe city, I wouldn't go out on any ventures by yourself at 2 in the morning, if you catch my drift.

Others who have gone there might know a bit more about the classes and faculty, but all in all it's a really good school.

Congrats on getting accepted! What are you planning on majoring in?
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