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Default Re: How We Cut the Cord and Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV

Cable is overrated and will be obsolete in the near future. I haven't had cable in nearly 7 years.

We do one of the same things as the above article mentions, and that's have a PC connected to the TV (PC has it's own remote) and watch stuff that way. Don't have an HDTV yet, so that doesn't matter...and most everything I watch is streamed, downloaded or on Hulu (have been thinking about getting Hulu plus and netflix for a while now, even subscribing to both of them is much, much cheaper than cable).

When I do get an HDTV though, it most certainly will be a internet connectible one.

Most people pay for internet already, why pay for both if you don't have to? I certainly won't. Too much stuff you can get for free or low price if you just have sense in paying through the roof just to be able to flip a channel and find nothing you want to watch half the time anyway.
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