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Default Re: packers fan in peace

Originally Posted by InTheShadowofLambeau View Post

Grew up, as my handle implies, "InTheShadowofLambeau" - small town Northeastern Wisconsin, 17 miles from Lambeau and 18 miles from Rocky Bleier's hometown of Appleton, WI. Matter of fact, his parents and mine were acquaintances and my parents frequented his parents' restaurant. I almost played ball at the same High School (Xavier in Appleton), but decided I wasn't exactly a parochial high school student, even though my father was a Deacon.

I tell that story because even though I've never met the guy ... his parents were good people, and, because of that, I was a fan of the Steelers in the 70's -- well that, and because the Pack sucked so bad back then that I needed a team to root for throughout the playoffs. Anyhow, I still have my Steelers scarf and have always considered them my second favorite team.

I too come in peace. Just not too big on talking crap at someone else's house. I will admit to opening up with a mighty keyboard if be nice. I don't want to get banned here.

From what I've seen thusfar, I have to say that I'm impressed with the level of football knowledge the posters have here. Understand that we Packers fans are used to dealing with Vikings and Bears fans - so it may take us a little time to gear back up to a "human level". Things usually have to be pretty well dumbed down for Vikie and Bears fans.
well if you dont wanna get banned i can assure that you wont.

we have always been welcoming to opponents fans at steelersfever, and its great to have respectful, knowledgable, members from a different fanbase.

in 05 and 08 we had a good number of seahawks and cardinals fans join. some joined just to thump their chest and tell us how we were gonna get our asses kicked, but for the most part it was great to have them. a few even remained active members for some time.

we love brett favre.

brett favre

i always figured a green bay/ steelers superbowl was just a matter of time (wasnt sure it would be this soon).

in 08, the steelers took on steelers west (AZ) when we faced our old offensive coach and multitude of players. its only fitting this time we get to face our old defense.

i always pulled for the panthers when dom capers, greg lloyd, kevin greene, and barry foster left here just like i pull for all the ex steelers to do well in green bay.

just not in 2 weeks.

if the steelers season does end with a loss, atleast its not to the likes of the jets, ravens, patriots, cowboys, and to a respectable franchise instead.

all you packerfans enjoy your visit to SF.
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