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Default Re: Super Bowl Advice

I was scheduled to go to Tampa two years ago with 2 friends of mine. Three days before the game I had a family emergency and had to cancel, so they went without me. They were both able to score tickets, but just barely. They said there were not that many available at all, at least not many being sold by people they felt comfortable approaching. They said there were quite a few shady characters hawking tickets, but they didn't think they were authentic.

Anyway, they got two tickets for $3000 in one of the endzones. I never looked up the prices myself after they got back, but they both told me they did and only ended up saving about $200.

If I was doing it again this year I would buy in advance for two reasons. One is a guarantee of authenticity, and two is that I just wouldn't be confident enough that I'd save that much money.

Just don't get mad at me if you buy in advance and then see tickets in the parking lot for 800 bucks.

Tickets for SB43 were suprisingly cheap and kept getting cheaper, that much I remember. And still they only saved $200. One of the guys grew up working in his father's pawn shop, so I don't think it was a lack of negotiation skills.

With two of the most popular franchises in the game this year, I don't see tickets dropping as much as they did then. I even found an article about the tickets two years ago:

Maybe someone else can offer better advice?
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