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Default 9/11 comments to Jets fans uncalled for

I'm a Jets fan who attended the game in Pittsburgh and just wanted to make some comments about my experience at the game. I'm not on here to cause trouble or anything.

I understand that going on the road in the playoffs is risky and that some comments should be expected. I've been to many Jets away games and have never experienced a more hostile crowd in my life. I wanted to have a good experience, so in addition to box seats, I purchased 45 yard line lowers on the Jets side. I wore a Jets hat, along with 3 friends who had the same attire. Even at Jets games I've never heard the amount of vulgar things that people said in front of women and children and surely have never been physically threatened as much as I was. After halftime we went up to the box as it was clear that we would be assaulted if we stayed.

Walking to our seats my friend was shoved from behind, just for wearing a Jets hat. I can take the comments, but it crosses the line when it gets physical.

Had that been the only bad thing to happen I wouldn't be here on this board. What was the most troubling is the insults about 9/11. A friend of mine was in a bar bathroom the night before the game and on the wall he saw a picture of a plane crashing into the WTC with "Let's take the Jets down like they took down the towers" underneath it.

Walking into the stadium there were also shouts of, "There's a reason 9/11 happened in NY."

I understand that this doesn't represent the majority of Steelers fans and I'm not going to say that an opposing fan in NY won't get their share of insults. Hearing things like this permanently put a bad taste in my mouth about Pittsburgh and I will make it a point to never return and spend money here again. Jets fans came here and infused some much needed cash flow into this city, and to be hear jokes about a terrorist attack is completely sickening.

I was under the impression that we're all Americans, regardless of what colors we wear to an NFL football game. Comments like those hit home when a lot of us lost friends and neighbors that day and even though it didn't have an impact on Pittsburgh I thought people would have some sympathy.

Anyway, good game and good luck in SB!
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