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Default Re: 9/11 comments to Jets fans uncalled for

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Hah, I was in Cleveland the last game of the season. Lets just say my Dad wasn't thrilled with some of the things hurled our way and some of the things being said. It's a nasty world out there.

You should of been with my crowd. We had 6 Jets fans next to us and asked us for many of things, in which we helped in return. Hell, it got so much fun that my dad, who is a great cook, were making their burgers for them and flipping them on the grill while we all played corn-hole and beer pong!

Sorry for your experience, but with over 66,000+, there's always going to be one nut-bag and low life drunk out to ruin it for everyone else.

Just ignore it, there's no other way.
Agreed. Theres guaranteed to be bad people in every crowd, NY certainly not excluded.

I really am not here to cause trouble. Was just looking for honest feedback and wondering if this was typical behavior.

To those who think I'm making this up, its your right not to believe me and I can't force you to think otherwise.

I'm a passionate fan who came out to the game to support my team and wasn't looking to pick any fights.

Mods you can go ahead and lock this if it's going to start fights, not my intention. Hope you guys have a safe trip to Dallas and enjoy your stay there. Good luck and God Bless America.
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