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Default Re: 9/11 comments to Jets fans uncalled for

Originally Posted by ManhattanJet View Post
Not sure that's something I'd want to take a picture of. Why would I bother making something like that up??

Like I said, not everyone I encountered was awful. Just wanted to make a note that I was much worse than any other away place I've been. Not trying to get people to say sorry, just was wondering if this is common here. Never heard 9/11 jokes at any other stadiums so wasn't sure why this was the case here.
Because that type of insult is a NATIONAL News Story...not just a "football" thing.

I find it highly doubtful that an American put up a picture of the WTC Event and then, made fun of it. That's why I want a picture. Cause I call BULLLSHIT!

You think that event just hit NY? Seriously? I call BS on 9/11 Jokes, 9/11 Pictures made in regards to the Jets Game. I would have punched a Steeler fan in the face myself if he said anything about 9/11 like that and I would have torn down any picture like that in a bar had I seen it and shoved it down the Bar Owners Throat...

Being a Veteran...and knowing, Pittsburgh is full of God Fearing, Country Loving, Blue Collar folks, I highly doubt that kind of shiiit would have been stood for.
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