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Default Re: 9/11 comments to Jets fans uncalled for

Originally Posted by ManhattanJet View Post
Jets fans came here and infused some much needed cash flow into this city.......
I think it's a shame that people would say those things to you, and I'm embarrassed that it happened in Pittsburgh since we're actually a really FRIENDLY city, unlike NYC..... but please spare me the condescending bullshit that's in the above quote. There weren't even enough Jets fans here to have a significant effect on Pittsburgh's "cash flow". Even if it was, believe me, we don't need your money. We may not be a mega economy sitting on an ocean port, but we've done quite well for ourselves and there are plenty of well documented reasons why Pittsburgh has been enjoying an upswing. One of the most stable housing markets in the nation, and weathered the economic turn down better than most of the country....... Not bad for a city that's gone through the grinder in terms of the outsourcing of American manufacturing.......
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