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Exclamation My Birthday's on the Super Bowl!!! Can't get any better!!!

This year my ultimate lifetime wish has come true and that is to watch the Steelers play in the Super Bowl ON MY BIRTHDAY! During the nineties, I was stuck with watching crappy Pro Bowl games on my birthday. In '05, the Patriots* took the first opportunity for me to watch the Steelers on my birthday by beating the crud out of us here at home. In '06, they played two days after my birthday and in '09 two days before. In either of those cases, I was still a happy camper needless to say. This year though, considering the league wants to move to this 18 game schedule, this may be the last chance for me to ever get to see them on my birthday, and all I want is for that seventh Lombardi trophy to make it's way back to Hitsburgh! Here we go Steelers Here we go!!!

* Interesting note:
I'm turning 26 on 2-6
The seed #'s playing in the Super Bowl are #2 vs. #6

Cool huh?
- Billy
Dallas can be America's team, the Patriots* can be a dynasty. Just call us Sixburgh, Title Town, THE team with SIX Lombardi trophies. 102.5% Black 'n Gold!
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