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Default Re: Steelers to move up in the draft? If so, when and who?

Originally Posted by Rotorhead
From I have been reading on LenDale, he is lazy and has been living off his talent and no work ethic! I am not sure we even want him. I don't see a need to give up our 2nd and 3rd picks for another 1st rounder . . . we can not move up far enough to get anyone worth losing the 2 picks IMO. I agree with Koop that we should stay where we are at. Our only glaring need, barring injuries, is a complimentary receiver for Ward . . . and there is nothing of first year starting quality within our grasp.
Yah, I have read that there are aliens that do secret anal probes on human beings. Are you one of those people who believe ever piece of toilet paper trash thats written?

Lendale White has a torn hamstring. You cant move well when you tear a hamstring. Who ever says that he is lazy and has no work ethic has zero credability and has a distorted view of facts. If you want proof of how good Lendale White is, maybe you should go read some articles where his coach Pete Carroll talks about Lendale White and how great of a player and teammate he is instead of believing some ahole from some rag saying whatever to fill his article up for deadline....
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