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Default Re: Tim Lumber: Flacco is Roethlisbergers B*tch

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
You all created that gay *ss pic. I guess it proves who the real f*gs are? YOU ALL in shittsburgh. After all, the call you the squeel for me b*tches.
You lost a bet, and according to the rules of that bet your avatar should still be that picture, but we'll let your lack of staying true to a bet you made slide by for now. So it just goes to prove you aren't a writer, and you suck at it too.

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
Its 4am, and all you b*tches are sleeping already? Get a life losers. I come here to debate, and you all are snoozing already?
Talk about get a life, damn Timmah the best thing you can do day in and day out is come to a STEELERS forum and try to impress upon us Steelers fans that you and your team are better. But bottom line, as always, is eventually the truth shall prevail. Tell me Timmah who won the games when it mattered most? Steelers! And who constantly schools you quicker than Steve slides in to you? Steelers Fans!

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
I am right here...say something. C'mon b*tches, speak the f*ck up!! I will school you bastards so bad you dont even know. I am the damn writing god. I come here to make a peace offering, and you all bash me.
Important note. I forgot, I have Joe Flacco on my facebook friends list. He said "I'm the b*tch? Why is Ben bleeding all the time?" I told him, until you beat him, you will labeled like a loser Squeeler fan...a B*tch!! Goodnight drunks.
I think you misunderstood Flacco. He said he was a b*tch, and you're no better.

Originally Posted by Tim Lumber View Post
F*ck you and your FAKE photos. You wanna battle, MAN UP, lets do this verbally. You all are KODAK cowards.
Ok, Timmah, I'll bite, just for the sake of humor. Show us your verbal (second grade) skillz, and I feel pretty confident that before kickoff on Feb 6, you'll be pwned 100% of the time.

So Timmah, collect your welfare checks, get your WIC grocery shopping done, pull up to the computer and get ready to receive again the beating you got 2 years ago. Matter of fact why not bring your owl dog so you'll have something other than a solid piece of plastic to consol you.

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