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Default Re: Watching the game in nyc

Many of the bars on these sites aren't great bars IMHO. I lived in NY for 3 years (born in Pittsburgh, back in Pittsburgh). I would definitely recommend Blondies on the Upper West Side, not a complete Pittsburgh bar, but a great sports bar that doesn't feel overly "corporate" or like a lot of the chain sports bar establishments. I did notice a Terrible Towel hanging on the wall there once, but that was ~3 years ago. To be fair, I never watched a Steelers game there as I had a local spot up in Westchester County where I watched Sunday games, but any sporting event was a good time at Blondies!

Also, a great bar (which is now closed!) was Scruffy Duffy's in Hells Kitchen. They had to close for some god-awful reason which I can't remember. In fact, Jerome Bettis did an NBC SNF spot from there a few years back. They used to bring in Iron City Beer for the fans. I know that the same owners opened Lansdowne Road also in Hells Kitchen, but I never made it there so I'm not sure if the carried over the "Pittsburgh Bar" label.

Good Luck!
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