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Default -Big Ben = Big Choker + Big Liar- II

Hi sqeeler fans, its me, the one and only author, of the thread Big Ben = Big Choker + Big Liar. From what I've read so far you guys really appreciate my work you guys don't wanna accept the facts, that big ben is a choker and a liar. All you sqeeler fans have been so big on big ben, putting him on a pedestal, for what? Becuase he had a decent rating after having to throw the ball 5-10 times a game? Trent Dilfer had the highest rating in the league back in 97' 3/4 of the way through the year, but under a little pressure, he cracked just as bad as Bendover did last year how can you guys bad mouth a guy like Carson, when your own QB is a piece of work himself? Carson is a number 1 overall pick, and hiesman winner, what now squeelers?

Sorry the Bengals lair version of this was closed, guess you guys started complaining after the you where getting.
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