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Default Definition of a Friggin Jagoff

:rant on:

So me and the hubby go to our local bar (attached to a bowling alley.. yes, we are class acts) after working late yesterday.

We had a couple sammiches (I had a coupon!) and a couple pitchers of beer. . and these two 20 something guys sit down at the bar across the corner from us. They had just gotten done with their league. One has a thick Boston accent.

He starts arguing with his buddy (who is obviously from around here) that Clay Matthews is the most dominant defensive player in the NFL. I'm lookin at them and the Boston Jagoff (complete with Redsox hat) says to me "let me ask her" and before I can get "Polamalu" out of my mouth he is like "yea, Polamalu, that is what a woman would say".... I say back "I'm a season ticket holder bro..." and he says "yea but, whatever you are a woman, you would say Polamalu"

Then I point out that Matthews was playing against NFC opponents, and a few other points that he actually finally agreed on.. but still insisted that Matthews is the most dominant player... which IS FINE.. Matthews is good.. it's not a far fetched idea what really made him a jagoff is that he:

a) Had that friggin totally annoying boston accent coupled with his backward red sox hat
b) Had the nerve to basically say that my opinion does not count because I am a woman.

They left after 1 beer, I told the bartender I really didn't like him.... she said he is a total dick and she refused to get him a beer the last time that he was in until he said "please" because he was totally rude with his punk a$$ attitude.

anyways :rant off: thanksforlistening.

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