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Default Re: -Big Ben = Big Choker + Big Liar- II

This is stupidity, Ben had one of the best rookie season of any QB in NFL history......arguably the best! Carson did not perform nearly as well, and he had a season to sit and learn the offense. Carson made alot more mistakes than Ben throughout the season, and Ben was thrown in the mix in week two. To say that a rookie QB that played on a 15 and 1 team that lost to the defending champs choked, or is a bust is ridiculous. It is to bad you don't hold Carson to the same standards you hold Ben. I know it stings a bit that the heismen winning Carson will likely never be the QB you had hoped, and we struck a gold-mine out of lil' Miami Univ. (OH) He is, and always will be a better QB than Carson.

I watch alot of Bengals games, but you are gonna have to convince some of these other guys about how good Carson is.......All they have to go by is the two games last year Remember? Carson blew both games! Two INT's buy Polamalu! Punctuated by running over Palmer with the efficiency of a diesel powered combine for the TD return LOL. Nice tackle Carson! No guts! The second game it actually looked like you guys had a chance for a change and then he throws it right to Farrior for the INT TD return (again). Honestly he sucked both games. I don't think they are gonna believe the Carson hype

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