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Default Re: The Terrible Towel Is "Terribly Stupid"

If you are a struggling writer and want to get a huge massive response to an otherwise dumb article..bag on Pittsburgh,the Steelers or the Terrible Towel. I promise you, you'll get hits.You'll get plenty of reads and bring up plenty of discussion. And much like an infant child found screaming for attention in a crowed Nashville Waffle House,you'll get plenty of glares and attention until your parents shut you the hell up.

All of his writings sound the same. He did it earlier this year by attacking another large and loyal fan base, the University of Alabama and their fans.

So to you Clay Travis, the disbarred Attorney-cum Hack Sportswriter for the Titans, you got yourself some needed attention. All you need to do now is claim that thousands of Steeler fans are somehow making your life unbearable by making threats to you.
BTW, how's that coaching change is Nashville working out for you?
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