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Default Super Bowl XLV, a Poem...

My cousin who l lives in Wisconsin and I have been talking trash all week so I came up with a little something this morning to irritate the hell out of him...

4th down in Dallas, the Pack, they need a few,
The Steeler lead is small, only up by two.

The Defense is tired, sucking too much wind
Mr. Rogers is on fire, Victory just around the bend.

The Pack lines up, Wisconsin let's out a cheer,
James Harrison smells fresh meat, I finish my beer.

The hike is called, the ball is snapped, James Jones' running deep,
Inside the pocket, Mr. Rogers, our linebackers will keep.

Woodley coming from the left, Harrison from the right,
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood becomes a little tight.

A nice move is made, Rogers starts to run,
Brett Keisel steps up, says "not this way son."

Reversing his field, Rogers breaks away,
Packer fans scream out loud, Go Pack Go Yah Hey!

He sets his feet, ****s his arm, and let's the ball fly,
My gut just sank, I can't breathe, I fear I'm 'bout to cry.

James Jones is open, our coverage not so good,
I can't watch, we're 'bout to lose, we did the best we could.

When all of the sudden, my spirit was renewed,
We can't believe our eyes, a miracle has been viewed.

Just when the ball came down, James Jones sure to catch,
A wave of hair, Black and Gold, Rogers met his match.

Troy Polamalu flies in, the ball tipped away,
No TD was scored, tears fell in Green Bay.

Oh what a game, I cry and thank Heaven,
Because my Pittsburgh Steelers have won number Seven.

Go Steelers!
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