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Default Church plans National Porn Sunday to fight addictions

This is not from The Onion

Packers defensive end Ryan Pickett had hoped to attend National Porn Sunday, a Feb. 6 religious service whose anti-pornography message will be broadcast to 300 churches across the country on Super Bowl Sunday.... "I would love to have been with you guys today. But fortunately, I'm a little busy," Pickett tells viewers in a video that will be played in the churches as part of the national outreach....

The video includes personal stories of other current and former NFL players, including quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks and Jon Kitna of the Dallas Cowboys. They're seen touting the ministry and its software, which tracks a user's Internet movements, sending a weekly list of sites visited to the user's "accountability partners" - say, friends or a spouse.

Hasselbeck says it's strengthened his marriage and gives his wife "a lot of security."

Josh McCown, who spent seven years in the NFL before signing on with the United Football League, tells viewers he began to deal with his porn problem because he feared it was "taking me someplace I didn't want to go."

"It's a whole lot easier to tell your wife you're struggling with it than to have her walk in on you,"he says in the video.
(true that)

Also on the video, players talk about their strategies for staying on the straight and narrow. Hasselbeck, for example, says he still bunks with a roommate. Kitna explains how, each time he enters a hotel room, he videotapes himself turning off the TV porn channels and sends the clip to his accountability partners.

[P}astors themselves also struggle: A 2001 survey by Christianity Today found that 33% of pastors had visited porn sites; 18% of them did so regularly.

"It remains the elephant in the pew".
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