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Default Re: "Batman" Let's Pirates Have It

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
I agree. But what was said in the interview, can you imagine if the Steelers had 12 straight losing seasons? Nevermind not making the playoffs, 12 straight losing seasons. Do you think fans would attend simply to see Heinz Field and how good the food is and how beautiful the views are? Hell no. This city would be on 24/7 lock down and the Rooney's would not be able to leave their Heinz Field offices. The view, good food and imported beer got old for me after realizing that it's the same old ball team under the same old pathetic ownership. Sooner or later, I want to see a good ball team. That's why the ball park was built. To play baseball in. If I wanted good drink, good food and a nice view I would go to the Le'Mont.

If the fans stop attending and they decide to sell the team, we have a buyer in Cuban who stated on many occasions that he would be more than happy to buy the team and keep them here in Pittsburgh. He did an interview on ESPN and stated if he could own one team in franchise sport, it would be the Pirates. If not Cuban, I don't see why any potential buyer would want to move the team. The new owner would already have the most beautiful ball park in baseball and the team still brings in a nice crowd for having one of the most pathetic ball teams in baseball for the last twelve years. Imagine what the attendance would like if we cracked .500 or made the playoffs? Sold out.
when we hit 30-30 last year we sold out a friggin wed. afternoon businesman special, people want the team to be good, right now to draw a crowd they continualy have to give out stuff ala bobble heads to get people to come to a tuesday night game. Only 2 more years and we break the phillies' mark of futility
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